Loving Loudly

I am DONE with shushing. Have you ever been shushed? Have you ever been shushed because someone thought your were enthusiasm and excitement were "too much"? Have you ever been shushed by someone who was notoriously + frequently loud, mean, and volatile? Then you may remember the feeling of The Rage of a Thousand Suns [...]

Blooming Requires Trust

"Shouldn't you have bloomed already?" I repeatedly asked the mystery plant outside my mom's front door. I would worriedly judge the plant's timing each time I went by it, since I had watched the buds form during the late summer/early fall, and was expecting a beautiful show of blossoming before winter set in. Except they [...]

Just Ask… and Allow

Three years ago today, it was official - I would be leaving teaching math at the end of the year (my first and only career thus far) to start my own business (at which I had zero training/experience). As with most leaps of faith, there was a mix of exhilaration, excitement, and "what have i [...]

Enjoying Abundant Adventures in Pleasurable Purpose

Freedom is consistently at the top of my desire list (second only to Love). Freedom, for me, looks like being able to enjoy abundant adventures in pleasurable purpose. Freedom feels like my womantra: Today's New Moon in stable, sensual, fertile, earthy Taurus is primed and ready for our deepest dream seeds to be planted with [...]

Appreciating and Mattering

It is always a good idea to tell someone they matter. When I feel unappreciated, I tend to simultaneously lash out and shut down. Lashing out in an attempt to defend myself to others and explain why I deserve to be appreciated, and shutting down because even if I do then start to receive gratitude [...]

Recalibrating with Love

Season changes can feel slow and fast all at once. Waiting for trees to grow buds and sprout leaves and flowers, waiting to see the first sign of plants shooting through the ground and beautiful blooms open and awaken, waiting to f i n a l l y not need a jacket. Then suddenly one [...]

Growing while Not Knowing

Anyone else feeling simultaneously thrilled for spring + the new possibilities on the horizon + excited to see your desires manifest... and also utterly unsure about it all, to the point where hiding under a blanket seems like the best alternative? Ahh, spring. The dance of teasingly warm, sunny days interspersed with dark, damp, seemingly [...]

Initiating with Patience

'Tis the season for fresh starts and new beginnings, seed planting and action initiating! But it is not quite full steam ahead... The New Moon in Aries on March 27th follows the Spring Equinox and the Sun moving into Aries on the 20th. Aries is The Initiator. This astrological sign marks start of a new [...]

Love, Ground, and Slow Down

With today's Full Moon in earthy Virgo happening amongst transits with restrictive, boundary-enforcing Saturn today and this week - grounding and slowing down is probably on the menu. Whether we like it or not. We certainly have free-will choice to try to push forward and do everything at the pace our mind desires us to. [...]

A New Story

This new moon solar eclipse is an epic opportunity for new beginnings after big-deal endings. The eclipse in Pisces is the last of a 2 year series of eclipses in the watery, emotional, deep, sensitive sign, and a culmination of 2 years of lessons, epiphanies, realizations, and changes. So if some/most parts of your life [...]