Choosing Your Pace

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed at being a human? Deciding how to allocate our time, energy, and resources to the causes that call to us the most. Knowing how to even choose the causes that call to us the most when there are so many things occurring at the same time that require attention and action. [...]

Focusing and Following Through with Ease

Sometimes affirmations instantly feel bone-deep true when I hear them. Other times I feel like a fraud the first few times I say them, because it appears nothing could be FURTHER from the truth. When it is the latter, I know it is a positive thought that is especially potent in helping me reclaim my [...]

Flowing with Change

Change is upon us. The amount of people I know changing jobs, moving living spaces, and/or shifting their lives in major ways is astounding. In most cases, change brings a roller coaster of emotions. Uncomfortableness at being coaxed out (or forced out) of our comfort zone Excitement that comes with new, fresh experiences Anger that [...]

Intention Realigning

If I don't choose to carve out time to focus on what my intentions are, it won't happen. Cut to autopilot. Monotonous days. Re-telling the same old stories, replaying the negative thoughts, stuck in a downward spiral. If I don't choose to focus on what I appreciate, it is easy for me to be overcome [...]

Receiving your Highest Good

We are all free to choose what type of universe we think we live in. Do you choose to believe the universe is kind, helpful, abundant, infinite? Or do you feel it is punishing, hard, unfair, scarce? Perhaps somewhere in between. Or maybe you don't think about the universe in that way at all! Either [...]

Leading your Life

I am the leader of my life. It is up to me to decide and choose, every day in every way, how I want to: Express myself Think about myself Show myself love View my life View the events that occur (to me, to others, to the world) Prioritize work Prioritize play Prioritize pleasure Prioritize [...]

Using Food to Manifest Desires

Around 8 months ago, I started using food to help me manifest my desires. Before eating, I would use my thoughts and intentions to ask my food and water to help provide me with what I desired most. (Not every single bite, meal, or drink -- but aiming for at least once a day). I [...]

Seeing and Honoring Progress

I see and honor my progress Six months ago, I was in the midst of shit. There was a lot of good, but there were also piles of old stank poop were popping up left and right and I was o v e r it. My astrology affirmation for the New Moon in the earth [...]

Using a Different Door

Last week when I went to the grocery store, there was a sign up at the entryway: Please Use Other Doors. The entrance of the store is on a corner, so it just meant walking a few steps "out of the way" around the side. I did, and in that short walk - I was [...]

Deserving Nourishment

We all came from a womb. Where we were nourished as we grew until it was our time to be Earth-side. Tonight's New Moon in Cancer is the beginning of a lunar cycle where we are invited to remember - and learn new ways - to nourish ourselves. The water sign of Cancer represents the [...]