Write What Should Not Be Forgotten

In November, during the Scorpio New Moon cycle, I had the honor and pleasure of being in a circle of women writers, where we were prompted daily to write our hearts out. This was one of my favorite prompts, and favorite channeled responses, because I need to be reminded of these truths - over and [...]

Less, and More

Transformation Through Love was born out of the desire for less, and more.  Less abusive, unbalanced, unhealthy relationships. More harmonious, caring, unconditionally loving relationships. Less stress, pressure, self-doubt, and creative restriction at work. More freedom, joy, purpose, and confidence. Less self-criticism, guilt, shame, and fear. More self-acceptance, happiness, radiance, and love. Less feeling like you [...]

Take Ten Gain Zen – Episode 1: From Unsure to Secure

Big shifts can happen a small amount of time, when using the right tools. Take Ten Gain Zen is a podcast that uses the Four Step Transformation Shift to validate where you are and help guide you to where you want to be. Episode 1 takes you from feeling unsure to feeling secure - in less than [...]

Positive Affirmations: I Am Good Enough!

Positive Affirmations: I Am Good Enough! I am enough I am enough, I do enough, I have enough I am learning to love myself more and more every day I am worthy I am worthy of my own love I am powerful I am capable I am trustworthy I trust myself I am truthful with [...]

What does “good enough” even look like?

And why is it so hard to just say “me: what I am, what I do – what I have”? Many times, when we find ourselves in fear (of being lonely, of losing our jobs, of not having enough money, of what other people will think, etc), the root cause of the fear is not [...]

Welcome to Transformation Through Love!

I created this space to help my tribe learn to love themselves more. Everyone deserves more love. And the good news is: more love is always possible and available. I offer specific ways to cultivate love in the areas you desire it most. Family, friends, romance, career, life purpose, finances, and most importantly: self. I [...]