Mindfulness training for calm and empowered living

Easy-to-learn, effective techniques to help you build the life you want

Wouldn’t you love to untangle yourself from unhelpful habits, break unhealthy patterns of thinking and behavior AND live calmly and powerfully? Well, my friend, you can!

Whether you’re looking for one-to-one, online or group teaching, this is where you’ll find life-changing mindful practices to help you:

  • ground yourself and destress
  • nurture your self-esteem
  • boost your positivity
  • improve your personal relationships
  • reduce anxiety and overwhelm
  • confidently manage any challenge life throws your way

Your energy is electric!” – H.D., teacher, Westchester County

I am a high anxiety type of person, very anxious and a worrier… After working with JoAnna, both times, I felt calmer, reassured and at ease. I thought to myself, “Man, I need to do this more often!” – M.T., personalized mindfulness client, Erie County

Much can be healed and solved through the power of positive mindful awareness so if you’re looking for:

Do you need to look within and find some healing mindfulness? If yes, hang out with JoAnna!”
S.D., teacher, Westchester County

You are an incredible, gentle, loving, funny, honest & authentic intuitive guide who I believe is one of the most amazing mirrors I have ever come across. I believe you offer immense value in reflecting the very best back to those you work with, not only as a reflection, but that it is a truth that hits deeper & stays with them & is an integral part of their change.”
S.S., personalized mindfulness client, Spain

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