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Three years ago today, it was official – I would be leaving teaching math at the end of the year (my first and only career thus far) to start my own business (at which I had zero training/experience).

As with most leaps of faith, there was a mix of exhilaration, excitement, and “what have i done”-ing.

I had been increasingly talking to my angels prior to the big leap, as I had learned from Doreen Virtue that angels are non-denominational, and ready and willing to assist everyone – but they will only help us if we ask for help.

So as I was driving home that day, oscillating between feelings of delicious freedom/ expansiveness, and deep fear “what if I made a mistake/what if I can’t pay my bills?” – I remembered, I hadn’t yet asked for help.

As I approached the toll booth before the bridge to get onto the island I lived on, I asked for help with this new chapter of my life, help feeling calm and peaceful and empowered, help being of service, help receiving abundance, help with everything.

I went through the tolls, and looked to check for other cars merging before we went over the bridge. That day, there was only one other car approaching, and it went by me right as we began crossing over the river underneath.

The car’s license plate said… HELPINGU !

Instant. Blatant. Confirmation. Magic!

I believe in a helpful universe. I believe angels are always helping me as soon as I ask. I believe help comes in many forms. I believe much of the time, my help comes in ways that I do not even recognize until later on (i.e. at first, something feels like a set back to what I wanted assistance on – but then it is actually turns out to be a set up for better help than I could have previously imagined!).

Regardless of what you believe in, we live on a planet with billions of other human beings we can ask for help. So why don’t we?

Sometimes we don’t ask for help because:
– We don’t want to be “in debt” to someone/something
– What if it turns into more of a problem? How many times have you said “it would just be easier to do it myself” (I know I have more times than I can count!)
– “Who am I to receive help? Other people need help more than I do.”
– Being scolded for asking for help in the past
(To name a few)

You certainly can try to go it alone. Sometimes (many times!) it feels like you do. But do you really want to?

There is a fine line between trying to do everything ourselves, so we can feel empowered to say and know “this was all me! I don’t need anyone else” – and doing so much ourselves that we become resentful and score-keeping what others have done vs. what we have done.

It is virtually impossible to simultaneously harbor resentment and experience true freedom – the freedom that comes from knowing you could try to do it on your own, but that the outcome will be so much more fruitful with assistance. Which would you rather cultivate – resentment or freedom?

It is a choice to ask for help. It is a choice to allow help. It is a choice to know you deserve help.


Takeaway Tool:

Here is an affirmation sequence to help release blocks towards receiving assistance, followed by new power thoughts to strengthen feelings of worthiness for asking and allowing help.

I release the need to do it all myself. I release the need to feel alone. I am willing to change. It is safe for me to ask for help. It is safe for me to allow help. I am always being helped and supported. I deserve help. I receive divine help with no strings attached. I am worthy of receiving help. The more help I allow, the more help I can give to others.

For ways to tangibly incorporate affirmations into your daily life, check out the Thought Hygiene Guide in the Thought Hygiene Toolkit!


Three years (and countless requests for help) since HELPINGU – my business is growing, and I know more than ever – I deserve the help I have received and am receiving to make it all happen. And I know you deserve to receive help too!

With love,

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Get FREE instant access to Mindfulness During Changes - Module 1 of The Mindfulness Series!

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