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A few years ago, when someone asked me what my hobbies were, the first thing I said was “I love getting rid of things.”

It felt weird to say, but it was true. I LOVED going through drawers, cabinets, and corners of my studio apartment – and getting rid of whatever did not “spark joy” (I never actually read the famously helpful Marie Kondo book, but this principle alone has uplifted my life dramatically).

I would donate what was still good and usable to the Salvation Army or – even more fun – my middle school students at the time. Old jewelry and picture frames and bridesmaid dressers became treasured gifts for mom and grandma, locker decorations, and quinceañera dresses.

I was thrilled to release what I no longer needed, and they were thrilled to receive it.

After multiple rounds of this (over the course of a couple years), a colleague said to me, “How do you STILL have stuff to get rid of?!”

I honestly did not know! But I had a strong feeling it was very important for me to be able to pack up my apartment quickly and easily and with as few belongings as possible. I had no idea when I would move, or where, or WHY this was so important – it just was.

Clearing out the old makes significant physical and emotional room for the new to arrive.

One of the earliest things my boyfriend and I bonded over was our interest in tiny homes and minimalist living. We watched Tiny House Nation together regularly, we sketched out dream tiny homes, we even went to a tiny house festival in Georgia!

Although I would have preferred to move right into our dream tiny home last summer, the universe had a different plan. I saw my feelings had been right all along – it was going to be crucial I move out of my apartment quickly and easily.

I was grateful for all of the releasing I had done which made the move physically easy, but was sad to not be receiving my desires coming true exactly when I wanted them to.

At the time, the universe’s secret plan certainly felt like a wayyyy worse option than what I wanted – especially because it involved my love and I living long distance indefinitely. I moved in with my mother (big blessing!!) 7 hours away from where he was/I had been (big bummer!!). I suddenly had lots of time to practice surrendering to the universe’s infinite wisdom.

When I release and surrender the timing of my desires, it is easier to receive the miracles here and on the way.

Fast forward 11 months.

{Cue clip scene of me wanting my dream of traveliving with my love to come true ::NOW:: and the universe saying “no, not yet” – as there was more to learn and more releasing that needed to occur first — of abundance blocks, anxious attachment styles, the need for drama — and more receiving of learning — how to love and honor my sacred cycles, how to take responsibility for myself, how to trust myself and the process of life.}

Old patterns have been released. New growth is being received:

My love and I are currently packing up in preparation because… It. Is. Happening!!!
Indefinite long distance is over.
Indefinite traveliving together is beginning.

I release. I receive. I always have everything I need.

First, Maine for most of June. Next, a home-for-work exchange from July-September:
In a tiny house.
That Tiny House Nation built.

Multiple dreams coming true simultaneously. As it turns out — releasing my idea of what was possible has allowed me to receive infinite magic beyond my wildest dreams.


Takeaway tool – Releasing + Receiving

Process to help with releasing old thought patterns + receiving new positive affirmations and desires manifesting:

(Setting a time to do this regularly is very powerful – choose daily/weekly/monthly based on what feels most doable to add into your life now)

I am willing to change.
I am willing to release the need for                    . (What you are letting go of)
I am worthy of receiving                        . (What you desire)
I gratefully receive                          . (Your desires – saying thank you BEFORE receiving your dreams helps them arrive sooner and easier!)

Then allow yourself to feel how it will feel to receive your desires. How does your body feel? How do you feel emotionally?

Affirmation jingle (positive thought to get stuck in your head on a loop) –
I release what I no longer need, and my desires come to me at greater speed.


And after Hawaii – who knows? We bought one-way tickets =)

With love,

PS – If you want to see the Hawaii tiny house being built, the Tiny House Nation episode airs on FYI June 10th!

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Get FREE instant access to Mindfulness During Changes - Module 1 of The Mindfulness Series!

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