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Last week when I went to the grocery store, there was a sign up at the entryway: Please Use Other Doors.

The entrance of the store is on a corner, so it just meant walking a few steps “out of the way” around the side.

I did, and in that short walk – I was gifted a penny AND a beautiful clipping of flower blooms laying on the ground!

If I had used the door I originally pictured myself going through, I would have missed both blessings, and their deeper symbolism.

But due to going with the flow, and practicing looking for the magic in all situations, I got an amazing confirmation:

Sometimes the reason we need to use a different door is so we can be given more blessings.

That day at Whole Foods, it felt easy and simple and clear: practicing flowing around obstacles (door closed) like water allows increased receiving of abundance blessings (the penny) and the magic of blooming (wisdom from the flower, which had one bloom opened and more buds waiting to blossom).

But there have been plenty of times where the universe has put up it’s version of a “please use other doors” sign, and I essentially, eventually did… albeit while energetically kicking and screaming.

I tend to want what I want, when I want it…and I know I am not alone in feeling that way.

Sometimes, this is compounded by feeling pressure on timing such as:
– Knowing we need to pay our bills (so WHERE is the job/opportunity/magic money going to come from and WHEN is it going to get here??)
– Wondering when (if EVER??!) the romantic relationship we desire and deserve will manifest
– Taking the next step (moving, marriage, having children, career transitioning)

We want these things deeply in our core, and usually then formulate what we feel will be the best, most simple, straightforward way for the universe to bring them to us.

We want to walk through the door that we can imagine, that will lead us directly to what we need and desire – as SOON as possible!

Then, when the universe presents us with a different path (or periods of time where there feels like there are absolutely NO options for moving forward in ANY direction), it can feel wrong and unfair and disheartening.

But what if using a different door (or the gift of time and space while we wait for one to appear) IS the universe supporting us, to deliver what we truly desire – in the best way possible for all?

We can either view events in our life as evidence the universe is against us (or doesn’t care about us), or we can choose to view each experience as proof the universe is FOR us, and ALWAYS caring about us.

Choosing to believe the universe is FOR you is choosing to practice trust in each step of the process. Trust in yourself, and trust that the universe loves you and will always provide for you.

Different doors, no doors, weird doors – you remember that wherever you are is exactly where you are meant to be. Each moment you believe you are receiving your highest good, and you are being lead to increasingly more magic every minute of every day.

I believe periods of time where I am “waiting for a door” are invitations to look inward, be extra kind to myself, and get very clear on what I need.

And when I am asked to take a different path than what I had imagined – at first, I may huff and puff my first few steps forward as I plead with the universe to reconsider and go with MY original plan.

But then the more I open up to the possibility/reality that I am being guided and led to receiving what I asked for and MORE, I always – always – always end up being blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

I believe every “other door” invitation is an answer to my prayers. Even if I can’t initially see how or why.

Takeaway Tool: Using Another Door

When you find yourself in situations where you are being asked to (or forced to) “use another door,” or you are waiting for the universe to even give you any other option, you can try grabbing your journal (or paper, or your phone) and write:

1 – What You Desire

List: Positive Affirmations of your desires in present tense

(ex: saying “I want/will get clarity on my next steps” keeps it energetically in the future. Saying “I trust myself to always know what to do next” allows it to be received now.)

Journal: Are there parts of myself that do NOT really want this? Are there parts of me that are nervous about receiving this? Why?

(Talking with the parts of yourself that are trying to block your desires and being patient and reassuring with yourself that you are safe to receive them helps you release the need to subconsciously block yourself)

2 – What You Need Help With

List: Your Current Struggles under the title “Please Help Me With:”

(Include your current challenges, negative thought patterns, and ways you are putting happiness in the future, ex: “I will be happy when I get my finances figured out.” – “I will be worthy of love when I find someone who loves me unconditionally.” – “I will be free when x, y, z starts/stops”)

Journal: Am I ready and willing and open to receiving help? Are there parts of me that feel weak or bad or shameful or undeserving or unworthy about receiving help from people/angels/the universe?

(Oftentimes our lineage has gifted us certain beliefs about who can/deserves to ask for/receive help and when…again, listen in and see if you are subconsciously blocking yourself from receiving what you are asking for)

3 – What You Are Grateful For Right Now

List: The good things that are within you and around you RIGHT now.

(Cultivating gratitude is a practice. Choosing your focus is a practice. Remember: you find what you are looking for. If you want more positivity, choose to focus on what IS ALREADY good. Then there will automatically be more to look for.)

Journal (or with a partner): Positive highlights of the day + positive things I am looking forward to the next day/in the future.

(Inviting yourself to make this a regular practice is a game-changer!)

May you trust and know that every step of your path is filled with blessings – and you are infinitely worthy of receiving every one of them.

With love,

PS – What are you grateful for right now? Leave a comment below, I would love to know!

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Get FREE instant access to Mindfulness During Changes - Module 1 of The Mindfulness Series!

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