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Around 8 months ago, I started using food to help me manifest my desires.

Before eating, I would use my thoughts and intentions to ask my food and water to help provide me with what I desired most. (Not every single bite, meal, or drink — but aiming for at least once a day).

I would ask for a combination of:
– What I needed help with that day (patience, courage, strength, peace, ease)
– The affirmations I was calling in at the time (I soften, allow, and surrender. I communicate, trust, and celebrate)
– Desires I was manifesting, and the gently, infinitely expanding capacity to allow and receive them


Our food becomes our cells. I believe if you choose to put high vibrational thoughts into your food and beverages, they will become high vibrational cells in your body.

Every time we eat and/or drink, we have an opportunity to infuse the future cells of our bodies to best help receive what we are desiring most!

Science supports it!

Dr. Masaru Emoto did extensive research on the effects of putting intentions into water. He showed that water crystals change depending on the words written on the outside of the containers.

One experiment he did had different containers of rice: one which people sent hate thoughts into, one where people sent love thoughts into, and one people intentionally ignored.

The rice that rotted the most/the quickest was the jar people ignored, followed by the jar where people sent hate thoughts. The jar people sent loving thoughts into? The rice was in perfect condition!

His website contains pictures of water crystals that have been exposed to different words (the difference between “thank you” and “you disgust me” is amazing!) – I love the tangible evidence of what I believe to be true.

Since so much of our bodies and our food is comprised of water, I feel there must be similar affects on putting positive thoughts and desires and intentions into food as well.

Plus, it is free! I love sharing easily accessible ways to tangibly practice self-love and self-care with my clients, and this is one of my favorites since we ALL eat and drink EVERY day!

AND – it doesn’t matter what food you are eating! You can do this where you are, with what you have!

If you believe it to be so – ALL food can benefit from loving intentions and thoughts!

8 months after beginning this daily practice, I now am:

  • Typing this on the iPad I was desiring 8 months ago
  • Listening to Hawaiian birds chirp and ocean waves crash in the background
  • Enjoying the comforts of an off-grid tiny house (built by Tiny House Nation)
  • Appreciating “traveliving” here for two months with my divine love soulmate
  • Working on something I love while he cooks us a delicious vegan meal with local produce
  • Excited to go on our evening walk to the beach park when we finish eating
  • Grateful I was able to connect with loving, supportive family and friends this week
  • Feeling and receiving the peace, ease, harmony, fun, and joy I have asked for

Did this all happen ONLY because I asked my food to help me make this my reality? Probably not, as I have lots of manifesting tools in my toolbox!

But I am thrilled and amazed to be here, now, and I certainly believe manifesting with my food and water helped it happen!

Takeaway Tool: Using Food to Manifest Desires

Go through the following steps (all, or just the ones that resonate) while preparing your food/before eating/whenever you remember.

This is an opportunity to be kind to yourself, and practice trusting your instincts and timing. Trust that whenever you DO remember you can infuse intentions into your meal is exactly the time you need it!

1 – Think about how you desire to feel
(Loved, cherished, heard, appreciated, vibrantly healthy, etc)
Say: “Thank you food, for helping me feel ______”

2 – Think about how you desire to be
(Kind, Loving, Patient, Strong, Truthful, Present, etc)
Say: “Thank you food, for helping me be ______”

3 – Think about what you desire to do
(That day, week, or in the future) (Gain life purpose clarity, take clear career action steps, etc)
Say: “Thank you food, for helping me do ______”

4 – Think about what you desire to manifest
(Prosperity, Love, Abundance, Peaceful + Harmonious Relationships, Kind + Gentle Interactions, etc)
Say: “Thank you food, for helping me manifest ______”

(Saying it inwardly is just as powerful as saying it aloud!)

Bonus: Chew slowly and savor the taste of each bite!

You can also start simple: – I love myself. I love my food. Thank you.

Happy Food Manifesting!

With love,

PS – What are you putting into your food today? I would love to know!

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  • Elizabeth

    Such a great practice! I love it as mindful meditation – it engages the senses and is full of appreciation. It’s so easy to implement too. Thank you x

    • admin

      Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I really appreciate your feedback, and your initial question that was the inspiration for this post! Infinite blessings to you + happy food manifesting!!! -JoAnna =)

  • Lilian Stutsman

    Hello! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wonderingif you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my commentform? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble finding one?Thanks a lot!

    • JoAnna

      This is Trevor Hauck, the web developer behind the scenes for JoAnna. This contact form is not currently using a reCaptcha, but I’d look into V2 or V3 reCaptcha to find what you are looking for in the add new plugins section of WordPress. If you need help implementing it let me know at by going to

      Thanks, Trevor Hauck
      Vaughn Web Development

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